Has anyone looked at small office x-ray?


(Dr Brian Pierce) #1

What numbers have you found for installing, running this with radiologists overreading films? Sources of equipment, radiology services?

I believe the technical and staff requirements vary by state

This is one thing that the hospitals have a monopoly on in my rural area so would love to add one as soon as there are enough DPCs in our area so my patients have a lower priced alternative to paying them $300 for a chest PA and lateral.

(linnea meyer md) #2

@brianpierce Someone just posted about this on the FB dpcdocs - I believe you saw it but just want to be sure.

(Jack Forbush, DO) #3

Yeah…didn’t they get the set up for some rediculously low price? Like $11K or something?
Found like specific to Maine:

(Lauren Hedde, DO) #4

If anyone ends up doing this would be cool to hear about the experience/cost!

(Dr Brian Pierce) #5

Jack and I know an occ med DO here in Maine who did this recently. I’ll see if I still have his numbers, it was more than 11K but not out of the question for 3 docs.

I’d have to check if this is like office labs and you can’t do outside studies or if you can orders from other doc’s offices. I think the latter is correct and that would make it easier for several DPCs within driving distance to send patients to one office with x-ray. If it’s like lab regulations, that would be harder. I’m busy now but a long way from 3 docs with full panels.

(Jack Forbush, DO) #6

Still looking into this myself

(Dr. Peter Lehmann) #7

Looking at office space that has an older plainfilm unit in place already. Was used for years by a PA who had the space before. It’s old school (film development) but will look into if it’s something I can do legally and safely/effectively.

(Chris Lacroix) #8

I have installed a new DR (Digital) suite in the last 6 months. Over all everything has gone well. Cost for full digital instal is 65K. If your room is not already leaded this will run you an additional 10-15k depending on the shielding plan. If you are interested in older CR you can probably get a system for around 55-60k. However, I would be careful about installing CR as medicare reimbursements will only reimburse DR starting in 2019 or 2020 if you plan on billing a 3rd party for x-rays. If you are not billing 3rd party, then it doesn’t matter unless you have high volume, which DR is capable of doing more X-rays per day.

My cost per read is 10$ If you get quoted more I can give you the large Tele Rad firm I work with. They are quick with reads in as little as minutes to 2 hours on routine films.

There are many options with Sieman’s, Blueridge and others. Choices depend on needs.

(Jack Forbush, DO) #9

Osirix or Horos as your PACS?

(Chris Lacroix) #10

This is more an issue with who will be reading your films and what they are compatible with. Who ever you select to install the equipment should be able to link up with any of the software platforms.

(pouya bahrami) #11

This was helpful. Please give the name of your Tele Rad firm.

(Chris Lacroix) #12

Southeastern X-ray, which I believe is now owned by Imaging Advantage.

(pouya bahrami) #13

Sounds good. I will try. Thank you