Getting consults for our DPC patients


(Dr Brian Pierce) #1

What has been the experience with telemedicine for consults from a DPC?

My rural area has long waits, long drives, or usually both for many specialties.

Since most consultants are now hospital based here in Maine, my cash (uninsured and high deductible) patients get gouged on pricing and they would highly value a practice that would refer them to lower cost consultants.

I don’t care whether the telemed gear goes in my office or somewhere else nearby if it did go into a DPC office, who pays for the staff time and gear?

Are there liability issues if you host the telemed consultants’ gear at your facility?

(Dino William Ramzi) #2

My choice will be RubiconMD, although I have not yet signed on.

(Dr Brian Pierce) #3

RubicomMD is a good tool but does not fully replace consults with complex cases or long term management. I use it. It’s basically online curbside consults.