Favorite pearls from the Hint Summit?

(Robin Dickinson) #1

There were so many great talks and pearls… It was a packed day! The two high points for me were:

@drg 's passionate defense of the practice of medicine and the relationship between a physician and patient

And @rob 's pithy analogy… Tell me if I mess it up… That in a standard FFS practice, patients are the cows from which we milk ICD10 and CPT codes.

When they post the videos I’ll try to link to these but what were the most compelling/educational/insightful moments for everyone?

(Dr Rob Lamberts) #2

Pretty close. Here’s a blog post where I expound on the idea.

(Robin Dickinson) #3

@rob Thanks for sharing that!

(Amy Mechley) #4

Thank you for all the time, effort and knowledge poured into the Summit! I appreciated being on site,. The interaction and networking is such an important part of expansion for this model of care, so we can reach even more docs and patients suffering! I am also grateful for this community forum, as it will continue in that vein, as a place for honest and reliable dialogue with caring partners.
@Robin_Dickinson Robin, do you know how and when the slides and videos will be made available?
It was great to meet you as well!

(Kevin Miller) #5

Yes, I loved your quote about codes at the event, and just reviewed the blog. I’ll be citing that a good bit. Thank you.

(Robin Dickinson) #6

@amechley It was great to meet you too! I hope DPC docs can be a light in the tunnel for those still trapped in burn out!

The lectures will be coming up one at a time as they are ready is my understanding but I’ll ask. For starters, here is @drg 's passionate talk. http://video.hint.com/hint-summit-2017-livestream

(Christopher Habig) #7

The passion that was present during the entire day was outstanding. Really enjoyed the community breakout session. With DPC pioneers scattered around the country, it takes a little more effort to maintain cohesion and share ideas/successes/worries. Using digital means (FaceTime, Google Hangouts, etc…) can make up for this, so hearing and discussing ways to drive enhanced communication was fantastic.

(Robin Dickinson) #8

So true. We need to really make a conscious effort to communicate!

(Paula Frantz) #9

Hi Rob, I have a small, almost 2 year old rural DPC in northeast Colorado. I have been on a big campaign to try to educate my small corner of the world about DPC. Could I post a link to this blog article on my facebook page for my buisiness? Or my website? My website is www.inspirehealthdpc.com. My facebook page is Inspire Health Direct Primary Care.

(Dr Rob Lamberts) #10

Be my guest.

(Siobhan Benham) #11

Great blog post. I did not go to summit and crammed on the videos posted. I agree with Dr. Neuhofel, “can’t see the forest from the trees” comparison. It does seem when you step out of the box, you can see more clearly…even if it’s a bit lonely. I do appreciate this forum. I have been open 9 weeks and have 15 patients. Still taking in the view!

(Paul Lacey) #12

@Robin_Dickinson et al,

Videos from Hint Summit and the DPC Nuts and Bolts 2.0 conference are now up at http://video.hint.com