Favorite non-DPC conference?

(Robin Dickinson) #1

I’m curious what non-DPC conferences others have enjoyed? Now that I’m no longer having to feed all the money back into the practice, have mostly established (aka well trained) patients, and have call partners (love ya @lisainden and @Brieseefeldt), I’m starting to consider what CME opportunities I would enjoy and that would come in especially handy.

Now that most of my patients are uninsured or underinsured, I do a lot more derm than I did five years ago in my old practice so I’m planning on attending the American Dermoscopy Meeting (https://americandermoscopy.com/2018/).

I’ve been looking for a similarly thorough course on trans care but haven’t found one as basic and in depth.

What other conferences or CMEs would everyone recommend?

(Nancy Latady) #2

Here’s one that might be of interest. Annual conference hosted by the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, coming up in October.

(cjs56) #3

That guy in Overland Park, Kansas…Dan Meylen…web site…www.alliednational.com…who gave the June 2017 titled Understanding Health Insurance Brokers and Carriers …excellent lecture. I believe that he may have some conferences coming up…not sure…but it is on my list of things to see/read…
check out…www.alliednational.com/training-webinars.html
As far as a conference on caring for transgender patients…I think that’s what you were saying…
I believe U.C.S.F. (Univ. San Fran.) may have a lecture coming up on that topic. Check the web site. Hormone treatment, etc. It’s not that hard if you’re interested in that. My friend in San Antonio, TX does some of that in a concierge practice. He was always interested in HIV medicine market…even while in Chicago years ago.
However, you can probably learn quite a bit if you just go to a community meeting for the L.G.T.B. community. I felt really bad about some of the things I was seeing in certain patient populations in San Diego (uninformed about medical issues, uneducated, extremely high risk behavior, mental illness). Shocking things…even for a city boy. So, I decided to pay a visit one evening to the L.G.B.T. meeting. I told them right up front that I was not L.G.B.T. but came solely to support their concerns in the community and the country as I felt compelled to do so. Further, I made it known that if there was any questions they had about medical issues that I would be more than happy to give my opinion as long as they supplied me with hot coffee.
I also let them know what resources there were in the community as far as counseling, prophylaxis, treatment and preventive measures.
I also let them know that I was the benefactor of the meeting because I learned much more from them they they did from me.

(Elizabeth Eaman) #4

If you want a good conference on TransCare you just missed one! Mazzoni Center in Philadelphia holds a great one! Harvard is having one next month. I believe they sold out but there is a wait list. UCSF has a great free online resource, and for peds trans care there is Gender Odyssey in LA and Seattle and a free online course through Harvard as well. Gender-affirming care is one of my niches (been providing gender-affirming care my whole career) so don’t hesitate to contact me ANYTIME on that issue!

(Robin Dickinson) #5

@oodleMD Thank you so much for the resources! I’m seeing increasing numbers of FTM men in my practice and there is a real need for affordable access to care. I want to do my best for them! I’ll start with the online right away.

(Dr. Peter Lehmann) #6

American Dermoscopy Meeting. BEST I’VE BEEN TO SINCE MEDICAL SCHOOL!!!

They meet yearly, typically in July or August, always near a National Park. 2018 will be at Big Sky in Montana.

(Robin Dickinson) #7

@drpeter Thanks to your recommendation, my current cme budget goal is set to do this one next year! I’m really looking forward to it!