Favorite Marketing Strategy

(Robin Dickinson) #22

This is such a great point. Everyone needs to tailor their approach to their location and their target audience. I think those of us in large metropolitan areas are less likely to find radio helpful since it’s such a large, non-targeted audience. But in a rural area or a station with a target that matches yours, it could be a great fit. What’s funny to me though is thinking about the fact your whole patient population has the same taste in radio programming. :smile:

(Jason Larsen) #23

Well… we both know they don’t, which is why we’re on a few different stations, and only stay on the ones that we see traffic from… :wink:

(Ken Rictor, MD) #24

Jason I love this Thank you

(Richard R. Samuel, MD ) #25

Jason…Thanks for sharing this. I always thought radio ads were old school and ineffective in the digital age, but, based on your experience, it may be worth taking another look at. Incidentally, we offer a non obligation, 30 minute meet and greet for people interested in our DPC practice, which acts like a personal Q and A session…RRS, MD. North Idaho Direct Primary Care

(Jason Larsen) #26

Glad to share our experience - both successes and failures.

We didn’t do well with radio at first because we didn’t have the right ‘sales funnel’ in place. In other words, our website wasn’t setup to send people where we wanted them to go (which we’re doing another relaunch here in a little while because we’ve learned more).

I will say that radio has been most effective with the conservative base of patients - ages 45 and up. We’re in an area where we only have conservative talk radio, nothing on the left side of the aisle (which is unfortunate, because DPC is definitely non-partisan).

Hope this all helps a little bit…

(Richard R. Samuel, MD ) #27

Very helpful Jason. We have put most our advertising dollar into online presence, ultimately focusing on getting near the top of search engines. We need a more balanced approach, and talk radio ads may be just the ticket. Back in early 2014, Glenn Beck mentioned us on his radio show and we got quite a few inquiries and signups. What do you draw interested listeners to on your website?

(Chad Weston) #28

Radio stations including local college, NPR, pandora, Spotify and targeted satellite stations are one strategy we’re digging around in.

(Jack Forbush, DO) #29

Hadn’t thought about Spotify or Pandora… nice idea.

(Jason Larsen) #30

We’re also going to be trying YouTube ads after we get our ‘marketing funnel’ cleaned up (more online educational material that’s shorter and relevant to specific audiences).

For our website @DrRichardSamuel , we’ve discovered that people usually need a bit more education before signing up, so we point them towards our seminars. We’re going to try and replace 95% of that seminar material with online material, but will still hold those as needed.

(Monica Lenox) #31

What a great idea!! Thank you for this hint. We try to promote member care as a team and I have watched new members pick up one of each business card to remember everyone’s name. The one card with everyone’s name would solve that and save a lot of money.