Employer Contracting

(Julie Konkol) #1

We are just starting up and have a verbal agreement with one small employer and have made a proposal to another, larger one. We have a Patient Agreement with which we are pleased. Does anyone have an Agreement they use for Employers they would be willing to share? I like Contracting directly with the Patient and having the Employer just be a Third Party payer, but would entertain Contracting directly with the Employer. Any help is appreciated! TIA

(Appalenia Udell, Esq.) #2

Dear Julie,
Using borrowed agreements can be dicey from a legal perspective. There is wide variety among the 24 state DPC laws, and strategies for states without DPC laws can be even more complex. Developing a treatment plan for a patient with medication, and then having that patient propagate the plan and meds among friends with a similar condition is an apt analogy.

Using an experienced health lawyer is preferable, but if funds for legal services are not in your budget, consider buying a template from a service like Legal Zoom and modifying that template for your specific needs. At least that way you aren’t inheriting any unintended potential liability from another practice.

(Julie Konkol) #3

Thank you, Appalenia. I will check out Legal Zoom for a template.