Employed doctor to DPC

(Paul Fox) #1

Thoughts/tips on transitioning existing patients (Employed doctor, FFS) to DPC?

(Jack Forbush, DO) #2

Don’t mean to make a sound overly simple, but it really is. He simply publish and market your direct care model outlining the various cost-savings measures, improve communication, improve continuity of care, etc.

(Robin Dickinson) #3

I went from employed to DPC. In some ways it’s easier than converting a practice and in some ways it’s harder. I liked starting completely fresh with new patients I could train to a different way of doing things. I didn’t have any patient base to start with so I had to plan for slow growth and for marketing.

You have to watch for non-competes.

(Dochost) #4

Keep it very simple and get people to come to live talks or one on one visits so you can explain it in person. At my live events we signed up 50% of the people right then from the audience. No one reads more than 1-2 lines of anything anymore, so I wouldn’t put out a long letter. Perhaps just something like "I am going to start my own practice. Come out and hear how it will be so much better of an experience for you. Unless there are already DPC in your area. No one in my area really knew what it was.

(Robin Dickinson) #5

Sadly true of most people. I found that a short explainer video on my website helped too. There are those patients who say, “I read every word of your website and want to sign up” but there were many who just called and asked if I took their insurance. I also found that comparing it to something people understood really helped. For most of my patients, a CSA is known and understood. I know a lot of docs compare it to a gym membership.

Also, it’s important to find what some people call “gatekeepers”…others who interact with your target population and will recommend you. For me, it’s midwives and lactation consultants (I see a lot of young families). For someone else it might be unions, estate planners, therapists who specialize in LGBT, or whoever your target population is.