EKG options


(Dr. Peter Lehmann) #1

EKG machines are outrageously expensive.
I’m interested in recommendations either for new machines or outfits where you’ve purchased used/refurbished equipment with an emphasis on price, but not a $200-300 unit from China on eBay :smirk:

(Robin Dickinson) #2

I got mine on Craigslist from a doctor who was closing his private practice. But then I realized it was taking up too much space and I hate dealing with EKGs and get too anxious interpreting them now that I do so few (I see mostly young families) so I sold mine (on Craigslist) and have outsourced that. None of my patients have expected me to be able to do one any more than they would expect me to be able to do an x-ray so it hasn’t been an issue.

(Margi Johnson) #3

In what way have your outsourced your EKGs?
I was considering a local version with a cardiologist that will likely allow me to send my patients
to him to have EKGs done and read, but I think I may also use RubiconMD, though, it will be costly for me.

(Dr. Peter Lehmann) #4

Margi have you checked to see if Rubicon will read an EKG, as opposed to a “consult”?

Dr. Lehmann

(Margi Johnson) #5

I haven’t called directly yet, since I have not officially subscribed (Opening date planned for 6/5/17), but
I saw that someone on the DPC Docs FB forum was using it for “EKG over-reads.”

(Robin Dickinson) #6

@Margi Rubicon does do overreads.

I use Cardiology Now, which is a local outpatient cardiac testing facility. They are super handy because they also do stress tests, echoes, etc and can get people in very quickly. And they are literally right behind the office building I’m in. I understand these kind of places are becoming more a thing… Cardiologists are wanting to escape from “the system” and one way for them to do so is to set up these little independent testing facilities.

(Margi Johnson) #7

Thank you- this is very helpful to know.

(Dr. Peter Lehmann) #8

Bump. Still looking for EKG machine options from anyone who’s purchased one recently. I do follow Craigslist and ebay

(Maribel Aviles) #9


(Dr. Peter Lehmann) #10


I’m not a fan of site that sell medical equipment but won’t list their prices but instead ask to “request a quote”. I’m not interested in providing demographic information to a company just to find out your prices. The hallmark of Direct Primary Care is price transparency. I won’t be able to consider your company without just seeing your prices.

Dr. Lehmann

(Maribel Aviles) #11

This is not my company at all! I purchased once from them and thought it
would be helpful. The EKG page does have pricing in it.

M.Aviles www.InnovaMedicalCare.com

(Maribel Aviles) #12

P.S. What made you think it was my company? Very curious Peter, Dr.Aviles

(Dr. Peter Lehmann) #13

Sorry Maribel. Truly. I saw the message on my phone / email digest, clicked the link and did NOT see prices, saw the “ask us for a quote” (which bothers me to no end) and had recently had some discussions in another venue with other DPC docs about vendors potentially trolling the site. I didn’t take the time to actually go into the forum and see the context of the one post (yours) that came to me in my email.

My concern was that the community might already have become a site where unscrupulous vendors might be trying to get involved in, especially since the community rules are that everyone be transparent in representing their interests…

It was an unfortunate confluence of thoughts and experiences I was going through and laziness on my part to not make a knee jerk response to the email. I’m opening up a second DPC clinic, have 5 kids, several of whom are going through some tough times and who’ve caused me worry and angst, so I think I have been juggling too many things in my head and moving through my electronic world (FB, Hint, email, etc.) too quickly. This might be the signal to slow down a bit.

I hope you’ll accept my sincere apology if I’ve caused you distress by my poorly thought out response to your post.

Peter Lehmann

(Mary Medeiros) #14

I looked at this site too and the EKG machines are still prohibitively expensive, in the 4 digit range.

(Mary Medeiros) #15

I agree, drstoystore and other medial eqpt sale sites have ekg machines that are still in the 4-digit range which is just plain silly

(Mary Medeiros) #16

Sorry for the multiple messages, I thought my previous responses would just be comments on other previous posts.

I am also very interested in this question. I just want to say that I have seen EKG machines on eBay that appear to sell for $300-700 roughly, but in this day and age with the tech explosions I refuse to spend money I barely have for a dinosaur analog machine when I am sure the chinese technology should be arriving to our shores any day now (see http://www.handheldecgmachine.com/supplier-43579-handheld-ecg-machine)

Meanwhile, I am very intrigued by this device https://www.getqardio.com/qardiocore-wearable-ecg-ekg-monitor-iphone/. My only concern is that there are really only 4 leads and functions more like 3-lead continuous telemetry rather than giving true 12-lead morphology, but for my limited DPC purposes I feel like that might be enough. Then if I have residual concern I can send them to the local hospital for a true 12-lead. It is $449 and in my mind has the added benefit of showing my patients that my practice is “cutting edge”!

Haha… on the fence but poised to take the dive – curious if anyone else has thoughts on this. I am also considering getting the Qardio Base (scale) for my office as well, also comparable in price to medical scales at $150.

(Robin Dickinson) #17

@Mamedeirosmd I’m really curious what you think of it when you get it. I’m currently playing around with a nocturnal pulse ox off Amazon that one of my patients found. As more and more devices make their way into the hands of lay people, we’ll have the job to sort through and figure out what’s reasonable and what’s not.