DPC Summit June 15-17

(Ken Rictor, MD) #1

Just a plug for the DPC Summit in DC this June 15-17. This has been a great annual event for education, connecting and re-connecting, and promotion. Each person in this Hint Community has very valuable experience and information to add to the general discussions. The only way to grow the grassroots movement is to spread the seed. Please note if you are planning to join everyone.

(Dr Lisa Davidson) #2

I won’t be there but it should be a good one!

(James Gaor) #3

Emilie Scott and I will be there!

(Ken Rictor, MD) #4

@Zak maybe we can arrange a HINT COMMUNITY get together at DPC Summit… Nice to meet all of you

(Zak Holdsworth) #5

@drken that is a fantastic idea. @Paul can you make sure this is something we follow through on?

(Jeannine Rodems) #6

I’ll be there too!

(Paul Lacey) #7

@zak - will do.

(Dr Brian Pierce) #8

I’m going.

(Ken Rictor, MD) #9

Looking forward to meeting you.

(Richard R. Samuel, MD ) #10

It would be great to meet and caucus with my colleagues. My dilemma is that the dates are right in the middle of the Idaho whitewater season…RRS

(Mark Grajcar) #11

I am planning on going. White water or not.

(Ken Rictor, MD) #12

Great to meet you there

(Chad Weston) #13

Planning to represent from NC

(Ken Rictor, MD) #14

It will be great to connect this community at the meeting.

(Cynthia Villacis) #15

Will be there.

(Mary Medeiros) #16

New to the movement and very excited! Planning to open Thrive Adult Primary Care in Franklin MA this Fall. Will be at the summit and looking forward to meet everyone and immerse myself in the movement!

(Paul Lacey) #17

If you’re going to the DPC Summit, don’t miss the Hint Community Mixer on Friday evening, sponsored by our friends at Spruce Health!

(Dr Rob Lamberts) #18

I am going to be there as well, policing all of the rowdies.

(Robin Dickinson) #19

The movement appreciates your efforts! Good luck! :wink:

(Ken Rictor, MD) #20

Just RSVP for Community Mixer… Looks great and anxious to reconnect and meet others.