DPC Summit Capitol Hill Meetings -- Banding Together?

(Dr. Peter Lehmann) #1

I’ll be at the DPC Summit in a few weeks. I’m from Washington State, which is DPC friendly. I’ve contacted my US Senators just to meet with them and see if they have interest in both talking about DPC as part of overall solution to our health spending issues, as well as getting their opinions on the bills in committee seeking to fix the HSA question. I’m also trying to get time with Rand Paul from KY, as he seems to be one of only a few voices talking outside of the box. I’d like to see what he knows about DPC and whether he’s willing to talk about it, Raising awareness of what we do is, in my opinion, a major hurdle we need to overcome.

Questions: do other attendees plan on seeing particular Senators/Representatives that they feel are key players? Rather than trying to make appointments as onesies and twosies does anyone want to use this forum to coordinate meetings where a number of us can meet at one time with key politicians?

(Dr Melanie Story) #2

Paul is very familiar with the DPC model and we have had positive meetings with his office. KY has a number of DPC’s and those that represent from our state are supportive at the federal and state level.

(Jerry S Purcell) #3

I’ll be in DC too. I’ve contacted both of my Senators and heard nothing form them. I have a meeting with my US Rep on the the 15th but he supports us already so not much to gain there. Still plan to visit my Senator’s offices and meet staff while I am there.

(Jason Larsen) #4

@drpeter, I am also in WA state (Yakima), and would love to be involved in those meetings with our US Senators at the DPC Summit. Perhaps we can connect about that? Let me know if there are ways I can help as well.

(Cynthia Villacis) #5

Melanie - are you going to be there? I haven’t met you yet. I am going to be opening a DPC in NKY very soon ( as in they are painting the walls) I was able to get in touch with Massie’s office and am going to be meeting with Seana Cranston - his legislative director on Thursday at 11:30. Am not sure about Rand Paul’s office. I had already agreed to 11:30 with Massie and Paul’s office suggested 11 - which are too close together - so I am trying to see if Paul’s office can see me later in day. Would love to meet up with you if you’re interested.

(Dr Melanie Story) #6

Cynthia: My practice schedule is not going to allow the trip to DC. It looks to be a great conference for those starting new practices. Safe travels