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(Johnny Burke) #1

Hello All,

I have a start- up company that will be launched sometime in the next 2-3 months with the objective of helping physicians in Palm Beach and Broward County convert patients to a cash-only DPC model.

One of the main concerns is what party should handle the monthly subscription fees, the marketing company, or the physician’s office staff?

We are willing to pay for the marketing so there would be no financial risk to the practice, we just need to know if there would have to be a back office integrated into our solution or if we need to track the monthly billing, provide on-demand reports and perform all customer retention tasks for the practice.

Your response would be greatly appreciated- please forward as appropriate.

(Michael Lubin) #2

Hi Johnny,

We have quite a few clients who are operating businesses similar to what you’re planning that are using Hint to automate enrollment, management, and billing for new members. Sometimes the practice manages it, other times the outside services company manages it. Depends on the business vision and scope of services the services company wants to offer. I’d be happy to walk you through a few in-market scenarios with you to help you think through what would be right for your company.

Feel free to call or email me directly - mike@hint.com / 775-636-5005

(Johnny Burke) #3

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your reply. I will call you today.



(Christopher Habig) #4

Johnny, We’ve been doing this for about a year in Central Indiana. Happy to chat and see if there are ways to work together to expand DPC’s footprint.


(Johnny Burke) #5

Hi Chris,

That would be great, as we have some questions on how best to help doctors
educate and convert patients to DPC.

I can be reached at 561-633-9248



(Johnny Burke) #6

Hi Michael,

I spoke with Andrea a few days ago, and was under the impression we were
going to do a demo call yesterday. I left a message for her yesterday and
have not heard back.



(Michael Lubin) #7

Hi Johnny,

Sorry about that. Andrea was out sick yesterday.

Let’s get a new time on the calendar for you and me to walk through the

Please grab a time on my calendar by clicking here Schedule a Meeting

Also, you can preview our platform via this product overview video


Michael Lubin | VP Sales & Business Development I 415-854-6366 ext 002
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a Meeting


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I would love to talk to you about a few different benefit options to get this ramped up. cscurato@simplifibenefits.com .