Direct Primary Care -New England


(Minda Gold) #1

Collaborative network of independent physicians who value and promote DPC.

(Zak Holdsworth) #2

hey @DocAu you know you can join the @new_england_group here right?

(Minda Gold) #3

There are actually TWO different NE chapters. We hope to collaborate on projects and issues.

(Dr Brian Pierce) #4

@DocAu @jforbush @Wellscape @DrLauren @maciampi @jsgoldmd @cman122175 @drkropp @Wendybcohen @Tleverett (apologies to any New Englanders missed)


That split doesn’t apply here. Hint’s New England Forum isn’t NEDPCA nor Direct Primary Care New England.

It’s bad enough that New England’s growing yet still tiny DPC movement was split into two groups without continuing that counterproductive division here…
Hopefully the Hint Community can be a venue to resolve that.


(Minda Gold) #5

Fantastic to hear! We are one?! Definitely more discussion for another venue indicated. Thanks Brian

(linnea meyer md) #6

I think the confusion was that the “New England” chapter name included “alliance.” Not sure if that’s been changed? I don’t see it like that now but I’m on my iPhone. It would be great for the purpose of this forum to keep it just "New England."

(Dr Brian Pierce) #7

@DocAu- Not one now but maybe again.
@Wellscape- That was just the first post from me. In an effort to get things going I posted about us forming the NEDPCA LLC and electing @cman122175.

(Zak Holdsworth) #8

You can join this group here.