Direct pay cooperative

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Hello there folks… I’m floating this balloon to see if there’s others out there similarly-minded. Unlike I think everyone that I’ve seen on the HINT community, I am a licensed naturopathic doc …(If you’re not sure what the heck I do, we can have a conversation aside) but what I’m exploring here is there any thought of forming a loosely-organized DP consortium of sorts?
So for example, I would add a certain membership surcharge for my patients that wished to be part of one of the other CT DP practices.They would get an agreed upon # of visits /year and the surcharge would go to the practice that saw my member.
In return, you could do the same… add a surcharge for patients of yours ( that would go to my practice) that would want to pursue ‘integrative’ type care for ___# visits per year. . IF we 're to expand the viability and relevance of direct pay, perhaps that is an additional means to accomplish? John Furlong

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We do something like that now here in Colorado Springs with Alpenglow Family Medicine. A local Naturopathic Doctor (well trained, legit) here in town and I have an arrangement where I refer my direct care patients to her for really good natural medicine care, she gives them a per-visit discount. She then refers and consults with me on things more in my allopathic field, for which I give them a discount for max 2 visits. If they need more visits with me, they have to join us. If they wish to switch all care over to her, I’m fine with it. She and I definitely have different philosophies and approaches and sometimes dissagree, but we both respect one another and aim to keep the focus on what most benefits the patient. So far it is working. I think our patients like how when they set up with one of us, they kind of get both of us.

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That is great to hear, & pretty much what I had in mind… making options available in a DP model seems to make it even more attractive…I appreciate the sharing. I supervise N.D. students at a pediatric office & find the same dynamic… mutual respect and primary interest/motivation being for the choice & benefit of the patients. thanks again !