Deals besides Andameds

(Dr Mark Turshen) #1

Outside of Andameds, anyone have particularly good deals on specific meds or supplies through other companies?

(Dr Chad Savage) #2

Yes Bonita also has great deals. I have accounts with both and compare prices between the two.

(Dino William Ramzi) #3

The deals for pre-packaged meds at ProficientRx are not better than AndaMeds, but what they offer is a free software package that is really sweet. It handles inventory to a “T” and prints peel-off labels on a regular printer. It is a useful turnkey. You can also enter and transact on inventory you buy from other sources such as AndaMeds, although I suspect that the difference is not often worth messing with the source of meds.

It’s just easier not to have to deal with labels and software the way others have shown.

(Tiffanny Blythe) #4

Can someone explain the benefit of in-house dispensing compared to wholesale retailers like Marley Drug? It seems their prices are almost as cheap as the in-house prices I’ve seen.

(Beth Renzulli) #5

One of the things my patients love about in-house dispensing is being able to leave the office with medication in hand, eg for their UTI or ear infection. Even if you don’t want to do it all, you might consider stocking common antibiotics, steroid, or other acute/one time fill medications.

(Lauren Hedde, DO) #6

wondering if you often find better prices on bonita? We’ve been using anda and wondering if it is worth our while to open a bonita account…

(Dr Chad Savage) #7

It’s a mixed bag. Sometimes Bonita has a better price and sometimes Anda has a better price. Sometimes the price differences can be substantial. We usually price shop on both unless it is very inexpensive in which case it’s not worth sweating over $.50. However I just had a patient get CellCept and it was 50% cheaper at one over the other. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

(Dr Chad Savage) #8

Oh yeah, and if you had to be on one I would choose and I’m oh yeah, and if you had to be on one I would choose Anda because I have a wider variety and more consistent supply

(Jack Forbush, DO) #9

Occasionally, I’ll find that Henry Schein has stuff Andameds doesn’t and thus far, Anazao has the best price on testosterone

(Ken Rictor, MD) #10

Chad thank for the tip on Bonita. I will check it out. We have been really pleased with Andameds but I want to always look for better options.

(Lauren Hedde, DO) #11

We compare with McKesson too if anda doesn’t have a great price - hit or miss - but sometimes McKesson can do better.

(Dr Lisa Davidson) #12

@DrLauren it’s rare that McKesson beats Anda in anything. @tpbkc it’s totally worth dispensing in office! Patients love it. Marley cannot beat Anda pricing. Bonita can occasionally on a few things, but not often. Plus Anda has free overnight shipping on $100 or more, which is very easy to get to.

(John Chamberlain) #13

Check out ScripsNow.

(Robin Dickinson) #14

@tpbkc Lots of people like dispensing for the reasons @lisainden gave. For me, it’s just not worth it. I’d be saving my patients money but giving myself increased cost and headache. I’m a micropractice so that would mean either doing the stocking/dispensing myself or deciding I need to hire an assistant. My patients don’t feel like anything is missing… People don’t expect a doctor to dispense medication. So if you want to, that’s great. But if you don’t want to, that’s great too. Do what works for you.