Compensation Report

(Dana Sanderson) #1

I am evaluating compensation for our Medical Assistants. It doesn’t come up very often so I’m looking for a company that will allow me to purchase a report, rather than signing up for a subscription. From my initial research PayScale looks good, but I’d love a recommendation from this group.

(Dino William Ramzi) #2

I don’t pay anyone less than $15. But MAs come in a variety of levels of competence. My intention would be to pay $20 an hour if I find the absolute best person who handles everything. We offered $17 to an experienced MA with a promise of a 90 day raise if she got past her probation.

(Dana Sanderson) #3

Thanks for responding. Can I ask where your practice is located?


(Dino William Ramzi) #4

I am in WA state near the Oregon border. Portland metro.

Dino William Ramzi, MDCM MPH
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(Dana Sanderson) #5

Thanks very much!


(Appalenia Udell, Esq.) #6

Hi Dana, Glass Door is usually pretty accurate and can give you other information about job (dis)satisfaction. The ranges I see for MAs are $15 in affordable communities and up to $35 in the SF Bay Area and New York.

(Dana Sanderson) #7

Thank you very much Appallenia. I’ve been reviewing their reports and agree they are more in line with my expectations for our area. Is your conclusion based on how well they match your set of assumptions as mine is, or do you have any 1st hand experience evaluating them?

(Appalenia Udell, Esq.) #8

Hi Dana,
I am a healthcare lawyer and I look at provider compensation daily. We use
Glass Door as a readily available resource for support staff because it’s a
free service and we don’t see the value in paying for a report for
non-Stark regulated positions. You can also look at Craigslist and Indeed
to get a sense of what your competitors are paying. I hope that helps, and
if you’d like to discuss it further you can email me directly at or call on 303.740.4895.

Appalenia Udell