Community Launch Competition... Win Awesome Prizes!

(Community Admin) #1

In celebration of the launch of our new community, we are going to kickstart the conversation by hosting a competition with fantastic giveaways to motivate a little engagement;)

Prizes & Awards

On the 12th April 2017, we will award prizes for the following:

Competition Rules

Most Engagement Award

The first, second, and third place winners of this competition will be the community members whose comments and posts receive the most engagement. We are judging engagement using the following points system based on posts or comments made up until the 12th April:

  • view received = 1 point
  • like received = 6 points
  • new topic created = 10 points

Prize winners need to accrue at least 500 points, and only one of our moderators can win one of the three prizes.

In order to boost your ranking:

  • send a link to your posts to others in the community to increase your view count
  • post your topics on social media and ask for comments
  • comment on other peoples posts since these can be liked

We will calculate and post a leader board in this thread.

Best Insights Award

The winner of this competition will be based on a closed vote from our moderators. In order to be eligible for this prize you either need to:

  • post a new topic that is considered the best insight, or
  • make a comment on another post that is considered the best insight

This award includes x2 free tickets to Hint Summit and two nights accommodation. This award does not include flights to San Francisco.

Legal Stuff

Although we don’t plan on doing this, we reserve the right to change the rules, to cancel the competition at any time, or to disqualify anyone at any time (for example if we believe you not to be an authentic member of the Direct Care community). By participating in this forum and engage in this competition you are agreeing to these terms.

(Community Admin) #2

We are excited to announce finalists for Best Insights Award. We picked these finalists based on a combination of post engagement, views, likes, as well as insights provided or generated.

Please vote for your favorite post below! We will be picking a winner tomorrow.

This vote is open to @moderators as well as any or all community members;) Please vote wisely!

(Community Admin) #3

Alright it looks like the results are out. We are excited to announce the winners of our Most Engagement and Best Insight awards. Thank you all for your great contributions over this past month.

Per the voting above, the winner of the Best Insights award is @Robin_Dickinson for her post on picking an EMR.

For the Most Engagement award here is a screenshot of the leaderboard. Unfortunately no one got more than 500 points, but we have decided to award a winner and a first prize regardless to @drken.

That was an interesting experiment…

(Maribel Aviles) #4

Congrats!!! I missed it =(. Hope there are others/!

(Ken Rictor, MD) #5

Thank you @Zak it was great to be a part of the competition. Great Ideas and conversation resulted. Let’s do some more!!