(Dr Lisa Davidson) #1

We keep our collections pretty tight. A few tips: For people leaving the office with an antibiotic, or a lab that’s not included in membership, do not let them leave until that amount has been charged, no matter how small. You can collect cash on the spot, but we find that people prefer that we just bill it to their account, and Hint generates an email to them with a detailed receipt. For monthly membership charges, we check once per week on the patients who have failed charges. For Hint users, on the main page you can sort to just show patients with past due invoices. Before sending a reminder, we try their card/ACH one more time to see if it will process. A lot of times that works. If it’s still declined we send the request for payment info. If they still haven’t responded within a month we contact them via our EMR portal or by phone. If they show up for a visit, make sure to discuss it with them in person.

(Robin Dickinson) #2

@lisainden thanks for bringing this up!

I think collections is such a difficult topic… We’re not used to having to deal with it. I agree with all of the above and would add that it helps to have a standard way of discussing it so you don’t have to think of it. I always send a portal message saying

Subject: New Card?
Message: Dear X, It looks like you might have a new card. Would you please update that under “Payments” so we can keep your account up to date? Thanks so much!"

And if they are in the office and behind, I always say, “Oh, I see your card isn’t running. Do you have a new one that I can enter for you while you’re here?”

Every so often they say there isn’t any money there and ask me to change the date to coincide with their paychecks but most of the time they complain about getting yet another new card.