Clinical Research

(Dr Mark Turshen) #1

Anyone with experience in doing clinical research woven into their practice, either in a traditional setting or DPC? We were specifically approached by Etairos to assist with clinical trials as a way to add income, and potentially patients, while being involved in Phase 4 research projects.

Any feedback if you’ve had experience would be great… thanks!

(Dan Schaefer MD) #2

We were approached with a request to get involved with a phase 2 trial involving stem cell treatments for severe peripheral vascular disease. Our malpractice carrier said that it they would not cover us for it, so we decline getting involved.

(Dr Mark Turshen) #3

Interesting, thanks for the info. This company specifically provides legal coverage as long as you work in the confines of the study obviously. Phase 4 is obviously much less involved than the phase 2 trials you were approached about so that’s certainly a difference.

(Ken Rictor, MD) #4

We have been doing Clinical Research for the last 20 years. Great source of income and patient involvement. You should have a link to a Certified Clinical Research Coordinator and many times can build that into your budget for each study. You have to be cautious for each study to see if you have the population that can fill your commitment. Overall good experience with little downside. Hard part is becoming recognized and obtaining the studies.