Choosing My Practice Name, your vote?

(Neal Douglas) #1

Getting ready to launch my DPC and gaining steam. With the recent political/insurance climate, want to start getting exposure and pre-registration started but my only snag is finding a name. I will be starting up in the pacific NW in a very affluent and outdoor recreation centered community. As others have suggested, I am very attracted to the simple and single name variety. My favorite so far is Dr. Peter’s “Vintage DPC” for the simplicity and yet the core message of getting back to the golden age of the doctor/patient relationship. Here are my ideas so far, feel free to vote below! And any other thoughts or suggestions are welcome!

  • Relic Direct Primary Care
  • Heritage Primary Care
  • Roots Family Medicine

(Jack Forbush, DO) #2

Of the 3, I like Heritage Primary Care

(Dr. Peter Lehmann) #3

Hi Neal,

Where is your practice going to be? Might help with name suggestions (if you want any).

I’d ditch “relic” as it doesn’t have an immediately positive connotation.

“Roots” makes me think of James Earl Jones and LeVar Burton (I’m 56 years old :smile:)

So, of the three I’d go with Heritage Primary Care.

(Neal Douglas) #4

Thanks Jack!

(Neal Douglas) #5

Thanks Peter! I am in Hood River. Would love to pick your brain a bit about your practice! Agree with the Roots name, that is exactly where my brain went but it is my wife’s current favorite (she is younger than me :grinning:) I am really blessed to have an associate with great name recognition in the area willing to work 1 day a week, I just landed some hospice director work to help subsidize income, and my best friend is a web developer who is creating a site for me pro bono. To keep this on topic, shoot me a PM.

(Robin Dickinson) #6

I agree that Relic is my least favorite. To me is implies that you’re too old to be anything but a “relic”…not exactly what you’re going for!

I like Heritage best also but I don’t have any particular association with Roots (to me LeVar Burton will always be roller skating through the park with a boombox at the beginning of Reading Rainbow).

(Chris Lacroix) #7

Keep it simple. While names are important, in this world your web address/name is more important. Look for names that you can claim the domain of, or at least are very close to the name.

(Christopher Habig) #8

Dr. Neal, are you leaving employment? Do you have a patient base already? If yes, are you able to contact them about the new practice?

That should influence the name. If you cannot market directly to your previous patients, you want to be as easy as possible to find, so think about using your name in business’s name. This will help will Google Maps, Facebook, etc… until SEO ticks up for your website.

If you are able to market to existing patients, then my vote is Heritage! Think about incorporating the word “direct” in there as well.

(Fred Bagares) #9

Does using the word “direct” in the name of the practice have value? Does anyone not have the word “direct” in the name of their practice?

(Christopher Habig) #10

Seen a few, recognition of direct care is picking up, not quite widespread, yet. In terms of online search traffic you’ll end up competing with other types of direct to consumer businesses in search rankings. This means that if you are buying ads, you will be paying more for keywords that people associate with doctors or medicine that Google deems “less relevant” to your business.