Cassidy and Price discussion of DPC at SFC Budget Hearing

(Jay Keese) #1

Setting things up nicely for our visits on the Hill next week, there was a great colloquy between Sen. Cassidy and Secretary Price about our bill today in the Senate Finance Committee. Starts around 1:13:04 on the video here: Cassidy notes his DPC bill with Cantwell and asked a question about how robust is the DPC program in the budget is going to be. Price praised DPC glowingly calling it an “Incredible program that gets to the dynamism in healthcare… the opportunity to have a personal primary care physician in all settings across our health system would be absolutely beneficial to the ability of that patient to get the kind of care that he or she needs. Right now you can’t do that, so what we want to do is move toward a system that allows for more personalized care and the DPC model is one that I think holds great promise.”

(Robin Dickinson) #2

Wow. That’s surprising (I hate to say I’m always surprised when politicians realize something). Does it seem particularly partisan at this moment @jpkeese or is it likely to make it through?

(Jason Larsen) #3

@jpkeese - I’d love to watch that video, but the video link is putting up an error. Any clue where else we could find that video?

Thanks for keeping us updated!

(Zak Holdsworth) #4

@Jason the link is working okay for me…