Cardio Testing

(Dr Lisa Davidson) #1

@rocky_mountain_group I just had lunch really cool guy from Boone Medical Imaging. Have any of you talked to them yet? In a nutshell, there’s a cardiologist near Porter named Jeff Boone who’s opened a cash-pay cardio screening clinic. He does a bunch of other stuff like working with the Rockies, Broncos etc but this is an offshoot. Here are the prices for patients:

Carotid IMT: $85
Full Duplex Carotid: $115
ECHO: $170
​AAA Screen: ​$65
ABI: $110

THEY COME TO YOUR OFFICE to do the testing or you can send them to their office near Porter. The other cool thing is that if the testing is done at your office, they will allow you to mark up their prices how you deem appropriate (like if you want to increase the price to patient by $25 or $50). There are no Stark violations (they have the attorney paperwork about it) because since they are utilizing your office space to test your patients, they are basically calling it a facility fee for space rental. Anyway, let me know if you want the dude’s info. He’s not a pressure-sales guy in the least.