California Chapter


(James Gaor) #1

There’s not many of us in this big state of CA, but we’ve just started arranging some informal meet-ups in Orange County, CA. We would love to collaborate with other DPCs in CA to help educate and market the DPC model for both patients and employers.

(Zak Holdsworth) #2

This is all setup @jamesgaor. You manage group members here and fire up a conversation here.

(pouya bahrami) #3

No worries, we’ll be trickling in one physician at a time

(James Gaor) #4

Hi Pouya! I’ll keep you in the loop of any upcoming local meetups we will be having with other DPC docs in the SoCal region. I look forward to meeting you.

(pouya bahrami) #5

Ok. Sounds great. Let me know