Business Opportunity?


(Dr Rob Lamberts) #1

I’ve been using Vaxcare up to now for my adult population (and am getting frustrated with their accounting), but pediatrics is a weak spot. I wondered if we could possibly get some docs together to form our own “vaxcare” kind of business. We would set up a separate corporation which could acquire the vaccines, distribute them overnight, do the billing, and collect the money for the vaccinations like vaxcare does. If we have enough docs cooperating on this, we could defray the startup cost. I haven’t thought this whole thing out, but really would like to solve this problem. Anyone interested in looking into the feasibility of this idea?

(cjs56) #2

Dr Lamberts: There is a pediatrician in Anderson, S.C. named J. Bryan Hill, M.D. He is doing pediatric D.P.C. He has a way of getting vaccines for reasonbale prices. I believe he does it by contacting other local pediatric groups whose vaccines are soon to expire. I have spoken with him personally. He seems like an outstanding physician with great knowledge (academic type) and a good personality. I would contact him because he may be able to add some info. for you.

(Robin Dickinson) #3

@rob We’ve been bouncing around ideas for making vaccines work within our state by banding together and using vaxcare as if we were all one practice (they apparently are up for that). It would be interesting to take it a step further and do as you propose. Vaccines are the major unsolvable problem in dpc imo

(Chris Lacroix) #4

I am an internist and do a fair amount of military readiness as well as some travel vaccine in my practice and have used a combination of alacarte pricing and the Public Health Clinic at times to keep it reasonably affordable, but I am not doing any pediatrics. I am not familiar with Vaxcare but will look up there model to understand your idea better. But, overall what is the concept and price point that would make this work en-block? Are you looking to offer this as part of the DPC monthly services and there for subsidize it or are you looking to add it as an alacrte extra? Even as a newer practice, we do enough vaccine volume in certain patient populations at times that pushing down the price point is something I would like to be part of.

(Gabrielle McGrew) #5

Hello, I am interested in joining up to share vaccine ordering. I use very few for my homebound patients and would like to be able to buy them from another clinic instead of having a bunch left over after ordering them in 10 packs. Alternatively, I could share my left-overs with another clinic. This month I will have 6 doses of high dose flu left-over and they vost almost $40 each.

(Christopher Habig) #6

We are exploring a partnership in Central Indiana to provide this type of service to 7 DPC physicians, locally. If we can work out a mail-order and express shipping option, this can be a reality sooner rather than later. The kicker is whether or not Peds (expensive vaccines) or primary care (wide variety) customers will pay cash prices. We have seen some early evidence that they are willing to pay cash due to same visit service, etc… (similar to in-office dispensaries). A community of cash-paying DPC would be amazing.

(Robin Dickinson) #7

@Gmcgrew Are you in the regional group for your area? I’ll bet you can team up with local docs pretty easily for something like flu. My guess is that it’s the peds vaccines that will be the hardest.

(Joy Donohoe) #8


We are a pediatric DPC practice in Chicago and we are planning to start using Vaxcare soon. Could we set up a call with you to chat about your experience with Vaxcare (good and bad) before we commit to this change?

(Dr Rob Lamberts) #9

Thinking this through, I think it may be best to organize this on a regional basis. I assume to send immunizations to practices, the business will have to be licensed in each state to which it sends prescriptions, so it would be tough to get this set up nationally. Rather I’d suggest a couple of pilots on the regional level. I’m planning on reaching out to the GA, NC and SC docs to see if we can start this on a smaller scale and prove concept. It’s got to be big enough to justify the staffing and initial investment.

(Dr Rob Lamberts) #10

Sure, can talk. Email me at and we can get something set up.