Billing Employers

(Raeanne Blackner) #1

Hello all!,
We are a DPC clinic in Idaho. We are currently working with small businesses and signing up some of their employees. We are just starting to bill employers. How would you do it? Do you use the employee sign up in Hint? We want to look at these processes and make sure we are doing it the most efficient way. Any advice would be appreciated on how to streamline the process.

(Jason Larsen) #2

Welcome, Raeanne!

I hope all is going well in Idaho.

We use the employer signup feature in Hint - and it works very well. I would recommend using that feature if you are in Hint, as it helps you manage employees, invoice employers, and keep everything neatly in one place.

We have a simple paper form that we use to have employers add their own employees, and because we are technically contracting with the employees (in WA state, we have to contract with employees, and employers are technically 3rd party payers), we then have them fill out the paperwork on their first appointment.

As easy as you can make it on the employers to sign up their group, the better. All the best to you and your team!

(Raeanne Blackner) #3

Thank you Jason!

(Tina Pittman) #4

Hi Raeanne,

I am on the other end of the stream of billing. For an employer that utilizes DPC services, hint is great for billing. We get a reminder that an invoice is being created. We can review add/delete & then get another reminder that the invoice is due. Make payment online as well.

(Raeanne Blackner) #5

I have started using the employer feature now and it is easy and our employers like the convenience of online pay! Thank you!