Awareness in Med Schools and Residency

(Ken Rictor, MD) #1

This is posed by @Nora_Goldfield How do we build awareness of DPC in medical schools and residency programs?

(Robin Dickinson) #2

Our state level Academy of FPs is arranging talks for @lisainden and me to do at the med schools and residencies. I’m sure people can and have done them on their own as well. Lisa, you mentioned others who have some this, could you tag them for their input?

(James Gaor) #3

Emilie Scott is volunteer faculty at UC Irvine and we have 1st year med students rotate through our practice once a week for their year long “Intro to Clinical Medicine” block. We also gave a presentation about DPC at their Benjamin Rush Institute chapter meeting. Gotta start their interest while their young and impressionable! :wink:

(Robin Dickinson) #4

@jamesgaor and Emilie (whom I can’t seem to tag…I’m guessing she’s not on here)…that’s great! I agree that getting them young is so important. These articles came out the year I started med school and it helped me see things differently the entire time. I trace that as the true beginning of my DPC micropractice.

(Dr Brian Pierce) #5

By all means work on students and residents but until we can match the short term financials of signing with a hospital clinic and getting loan forgiveness, etc., more of our short term growth will come from burned out employed docs.

(Dochost) #6

I think just continue to spread the word however it works best for you. I take rotating medical and PA students in my practice. They get to see the model first hand. I have also done some talks at the residency programs in the area, and most residents have heard of it before I get there, so that’s good.

(Robin Dickinson) #7

@lisainden and I did a talk at the med school here (that included an iconic photo of @NeuCare). It was great fun! And the CAFP brought free food.

We decided if we “saved” even one student it was a job well done. There were definitely several we suspect are really interested and for the others, the seed has been planted.

(Dr. Peter Lehmann) #8

Has anyone encountered any resistance from medical schools or residency to exposing students to the DPC model? It somewhat undermines what they are being trained for (i.e. becoming employed servants of large hospital groups).

(Robin Dickinson) #9

I actually had contacted the med school directly last year and what I got wasn’t so much resistance as confusion. Why would they tell the students about this weird fringe thing that no one had every heard of? They appreciated my willingness and they’d see if there was time with all the other important things they were doing during the lunch lectures.

When the CAFP contacted them, they had it scheduled within a week. Granted, we are in Colorado where we have the highest number of DPCs in the country. Heck, the Children’s Hospital here is doing a study on marijuana. We’re a bit anti-establishment. :wink:

(cjs56) #10

Will the Orange County DPC docs have any upcoming meetings?
If so, where an when?
I am in Carlsbad.

(Robin Dickinson) #11

@jamesgaor Can you add him to the west group?

(James Gaor) #12

Of course…will do!

(James Gaor) #13

Hey there! I’m in the process of organizing a local meetup over the next couple weeks here in Orange County. Feel free to message me your contact info and I’ll make sure you are in the loop.

(cjs56) #14

thanks james. i am in carlsbad so if you want to email me and let me know where and when you will meet…

then i can hopefully attend.

I a have met Emilee Scott at her office a couple of months ago.

thank you.

(Karl N. Hanson, MD) #15

This is the most critical thing. I talk a lot at med schools and residency. In med schools you need to do the following:

  • Espouse the virtues of FP and how we will shape medicine.
  • Be out front to let med students who are interested in FP that they will be ridiculed for not choosing something more glamorous.
  • Let them know that FP is uniquely suited for solo practice and being your captain. That the exodus to employed medicine is paranoia.
  • Define that their job will NOT be taken over by NPs/PAs.
    @brianpierce is so right about financials. Need to imprint the long term satisfaction rather than short term loan repayment. But we can clearly plant the seed that if they do enter an employment agreement that they can milk it tell their head is above water then bust out. Tell them to watch out for non-compete clauses. I give a whole talk on contract reading and i hammer that (to try to discourage them from being an employee).

In residencies you need to do the following:

  • Show MACRA in their face!
  • Go over the pitfalls of employment agreements and contracts with big box organizations.
  • Assure that opening a small business is easy. Lots of people dumber than them do it.
  • Let them know that the FP and DPC communities will bend over backwards to help them get started with free advice.

Stick your nose into your state academy. Speak as if DPC is the new normal. The state academy types may be stuck in a rut and are disconnected from the solo practitioner I recently spoke at the Louisiana Academy of Family Physicians Annual Assembly and was well received… The point is we need to get loud and sell this thing hard.
If you are member of the AAFP let them know you reject any attempt to coddle MACRA and to please not claim that they “represent” us. Did I say get loud?


(Robin Dickinson) #16

@khansonmd Wow. This is all such great advice. The business of medicine, the “shame” of “just” being an FP, the power of being an FP… It all needs to be addressed from the beginning. Get them this information before they get brainwashed!