Attrition Rates

(Ken Rictor, MD) #1

I am interested in hearing from the Community… What are current attrition rates? What would be your ratio of new patients verses those lost to attrition? What are common reasons for patients leaving?

(Ken Rictor, MD) #2

I would say that my rates are about 5:1. It seems that I will get 5 new patients for 1 lost. It is always so tough to lose patients for whatever reason. None of my patients have left because of quality measures. Here are most common reasons

(1) death about 60%
(2) Financial changes— loss of job 5%
(3) New job with healthcare benefits sponsored by employer 5%
(4) Can’t afford 10%
(5) Wasn’t happy with services 0%
(6) Moved from Area 15%
(7) Change in status with membership e.g child to adult 5%

So for a population of 500 people you would have to enroll about 600 over that time timespan.

I am interested to see if others have experienced similar ratios

(Dr Brian Pierce) #3

We’ve had a higher attrition in two years. Over 700 seen for just under 500 current patients.

We have a severe PCP shortage here for years so we’ve had a number see me for various problems that they can’t get addressed elsewhere and then stop paying or move on a few months or a year later. We’ve been quicker to discharge them when they stop paying this year.

We’ve lost some who decided they didn’t see me enough to warrant paying $40/month and more who picked up HMO insurance when their or their spouses employer changed plans.

We’ve had a lot more deaths than I would’ve expected for such a small panel (very sick patients) but not even close to 60% of discharges.

(Ken Rictor, MD) #4

Yes I know that was high. I had a lot of medicare that came over and a lot that were home bound and loved the housecalls. We had a higher than expected count but that is about 20 a year over 3 years.

Our panel is getting younger and is embracing the new technologies. That is one reason that I was interested. I wanted to see if a younger NEW physician was attracting a younger crowd. Was the older seasoned doc convert to DPC seeing more of the older patients because they follow the doc over with the conversion.