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(Dr Brian Pierce) #1

While it’s a huge time waster and a political echo chamber, Facebook and other social media provide pretty good return for small amounts of advertising. I’ve found some of the most shared, view, commented posts are when I find a good article or video. Please post anything you find that might be good for DPC marketing here.

(Dr Lisa Davidson) #2

Along these lines, everyone list a link to their Facebook practice page. If we all l"ike" each others pages, it does help to optimize your social media exposure:

  1. Lisa Davidson:

(Dr Brian Pierce) #3

Good idea.

Some of us in New England are pooling our marketing resources via a regional alliance. Its FB page is:

My DPC practice is:

I created a separate FB page for any physician to physician topics since my practice page is aimed at patients and employers and so I don’t bore family and friends with medical posts:

(Kwame Asamoah) #4

Good idea indeed.

I liked your pages Lisa and Brian.
I’m contemplating a DPC practice but currently operate an urgent care. My page is

(Cory Annis) #5

I liked your pages…and here is mine

(Eleanor Host) #6

Great idea! Here’s mine; will like yours if you like mine… hahaha…

(Jack Forbush, DO) #7 (along with @brianpierce @cman122175 et al)

@nedpcalliance (along with @brianpierce @cman122175 et al)

(Carmela Mancini) #8

My business Facebook page is

(Richard R. Samuel, MD ) #9

Our Facebook site can be found at I agree that a business page should be different from the personal page…RRS

(Ken Rictor, MD) #10

I will add in as well My Facebook page is

I am not a great fan of Facebook generally but it does spread the word with careful control

(Cory Annis) #11

(Dr Melanie Story) #12

Give us a follow in Louisville

You can also find us on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest @ Genesis1Health

(Lori Carnsew) #13

Little late to post, but here is mine. Open for 4 months now.