Any interest in starting an Illinois chapter?

(Christopher Donohoe) #1

Any other practices interested in starting an Illinois chapter?

(Dr Lisa Davidson) #2

@drchris we’re trying to define regions within the country. IL and MI have quite a few practices. Check back in a couple of days and we’ll have regions posted for feedback.

(linnea meyer md) #3

I received an email after the WSJ article came out from someone looking for a DPC practice north of Chicago - I referred her to Phil’s nationwide mapper. Let me know if that’s not complete, or if I should pass her on to you or someone else in the area!

(Joy Donohoe) #4

@Wellscape Saw your question to @drchris. You’re more likely to get an answer from me right now…winter in Chicago = BUSY solo pediatrician. :slight_smile: Was the person looking for adult or pediatric DPC? My peds practice is on the north side of the city ( There is another peds DPC in a north shore suburb. If the person is looking for adult care I can make suggestions as well.

(linnea meyer md) #5

@joyd She lives in Crystal Lake. Ok to provider her your email to reach out to you?

(Joy Donohoe) #6

@Wellscape Sure! But Crystal Lake is way north of the city. She won’t wank to trek into the city. Happy to help her if I can.

(Dr. Willian "Trae" Ingram MD) #7

drchris-how about a Midwest Chapter? I’m in Iowa.

(Zak Holdsworth) #8

@drtrae @drchris there is a widwest chapter that you can join here