Affiliate Practices and Contract Question

(Raeanne Blackner) #1

Hello All!
We are a Direct Care Network in Idaho, we now have 3 affiliate clinics but are just now starting to sign patients up at those clinics. Wondering if we should use our Direct Care contract, or if they should have their own direct contract with the affiliate clinic that is providing the care?
Thanks in Advance!

(Clay Prince, MD) #2

Hi Raeanne. No idea the answer to your question, but we are a membership-based virtual-care only clinic, also in Idaho. Any interest in exploring working together?

(Raeanne Blackner) #3

Hi Clay!
I passed your information to Dr Grajcar to see what he said. What are of
Idaho are you in?

(Clay Prince, MD) #4

We are located in Rexburg, but we are recruiting providers from all over Idaho, which we can do because we don’t have a physical presence. We are all online!

(Appalenia Udell, Esq.) #5

If all 3 clinics are owned by the same entity, then 1 agreement should suffice. If this is a true network with separate ownership structure, then each clinic should have its own agreement.