About the DPC Curious? category

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Not everyone is ready to jump in at the deep end. This category is for people who might be described as “DPC Curious.” Maybe you’ve heard of DPC and aren’t quite sure what it is. Maybe it sounds appealing but you have some basic questions that don’t fit into the other categories (since the other categories are more for people who have already drunk the Kool-Aid). This is where you belong!

This category is going to be a bit different than the others. Most of the categories are moderated by DPC experts. For this one category, I have asked Dr. Elizabeth Hart (@EMHartDO) to help me. She is a family medicine resident who is seriously considering DPC and the perfect person to ask the questions people have before they start.

(cjs56) #2

How can we contact Elizabeth Hart?

(Elizabeth Hart) #3

@cjs56 How would you like to contact me?

(cjs56) #4

My email is cjs56@hotmail.com
Dr. Dickinson mentioned your name. I was not sure if you were in a D.P.C. practice?
I think I heard that you can give some specific salient tips to physicians looking to open a D.P.C. practice.
Is this correct?