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(Community Admin) #1

Setting up a Direct Care business requires that you also setup a business… this category is a place to discuss all things related to setting up and running a business, including incorporation, business strategy, and operations.

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(Linda(Lindy) A. Burnham) #2

As a brand new sole owner PLLC many questions are bubbling up. Tonight, however, I need direction on the steps to make happen.
I see @lisainden’s example:

Is there a formula for creating this? Or do I key tap by key tap, imitate this to link title, body and category. Truely, I need baby steps here, or perhaps “Essentials” for posting, creating new topic.

I’m on an iMac. I’m curious about what the predominant computer system in this dpc community.

(Dr Lisa Davidson) #3

@Lindy you can just click the link I gave you and then go in to edit the body of the question to help personalize it to you. I know you’re busy, so just take your time getting to know the system.