DPC Curious?

Not everyone is ready to jump in at the deep end. This category is for people who might be described as "DPC Curious." Maybe you've heard of DPC and aren't quite sure what it is. Maybe it sounds appealing but you have some basic questions that don't fit into the other categories (since the other categories are more for people who have already drunk the Kool-Aid). This is where you belong!

Regional Groups

The Regional Chapters category is a forum for folks who want to create a regional group to collaborate on things specific to that group. Join chapters here.

Direct Care Essentials and Growth

The Direct Care Essentials category, moderated by Dr Rob Lamberts (@rob) and Dr Ken Rictor (@drken), is a place to collaborate on all things related to Direct Care from getting it off the ground to growing pains and tips for success.

Ancillary & Add-Ons

This Ancillary & Add-Ons category, moderated by Dr Mark Turshen (@drturshen), is a trusted members forum to collaborate on topics such as In Office Dispense, Immunizations, Discount Labs, Specialty Referrals, Radiology Pricing and so on.

Politics, Legal, Regulatory, and Reform

The Legal & Regulatory category, moderated by Dr Phil Eskew (@philsq), is a place to discuss legal matters, including, but not limited to topics such as Federal Law, Medicare, Medicaid, HIPAA & Tax.


If it's all business all the time, it's not a real community. The social category, moderated by @Robin_Dickinson & @lisainden, is a place to share stories, get to know each other, and to come hang out. This is a locked category, so in order to view and participate in the social forum, you need to be a registered, trusted user.

Forum Feedback

This category captures all discussion about this forum, how it works, and how we can improve it. It is monitored regularly by moderators and staff.