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Mid-Atlantic Group The Mid-Atlantic group is moderated by Dr. Kenneth Rictor (<a class="mention" href="/u/drken">@drken</a>). Join the Mid-Atlantic regional chapter <a href="">here</a> and join the conversation by posting a topic in this channel. West Group The West Group is moderated by <a href="">Dr. James Gaor</a>. Join the West chapter <a href="">here</a> and join the conversation by posting a topic in this channel. Midwest Group This forum, moderated by <a href="">Dr Chad Savage</a> (<a class="mention" href="/u/chad.savage">@chad.savage</a>), is to connect Midwest Direct Care practices and physicians. Southwest Group The Southwest chapter is moderated by Dr Eric Ehle (<a class="mention" href="/u/eric_ehle">@eric_ehle</a>). Join the Southwest regional chapter <a href="">here</a> and join the conversation by posting a topic in this channel. Northwest Group The Northwest group is moderated by <a href="">Dr Peter Lehmann</a> (<a class="mention" href="/u/drpeter">@drpeter</a>). If you're running a DPC practice or want to become a part of DPC growth in the NW we want you!. Join the group <a href="">here</a> and start a conversation by posting a new topic <a href="">here</a>. New England Group A devoted channel, organized by <a href="">Jack Forbush</a> (<a class="mention" href="/u/jforbush">@jforbush</a>) and <a href="/drken/activity">Ken Rictor</a> (<a class="mention" href="/u/drken">@drken</a>), for discussions pertinent to the New England group and associated states. This category should be utilized for those practicing in New England. Rocky Mountain Group The <a href="//">Rocky Mountain DPC Alliance</a> (RMDPCA), organized by <a href="//">Dr Lisa Davidson</a> (<a class="mention" href="/users/lisainden">@lisainden</a>), will be comprised of a collective group of independent DPC physicians practicing in the states of Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, and Utah who share the common goals and beliefs about direct primary care. Southeast Group The Southeast group is moderated by <a href="">Dr Rob Lamberts</a> (<a class="mention" href="/u/rob">@rob</a>). Join the Southeast regional group <a href="">here</a> and join the conversation by posting a topic in this channel.
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