Direct Care Essentials and Growth

Practice Models Pure vs Hybrid, Ancillary services vs straight primary care, micro/solo/corporate... trying to figure it out. This is a place to discuss the ins and outs of different models. Ask a question, or respond to a thread on this topic to further the conversation.
Marketing & Patient Experience This category, moderated by <a href="">Dr Neu</a> (<a class="mention" href="/users/neucare">@NeuCare</a>) is a place to collaborate on all things marketing in Direct Care. Post an article here with thoughts or if you have a burning question, post it here to start a discussion thread.
Business Setting up a Direct Care business requires that you also setup a business... this category is a place to discuss all things related to setting up and running a business, including incorporation, business strategy, and operations.
Technology The technology category, moderated by <a href="/users/jforbush/activity">Jack Forbush</a> (<a class="mention" href="/users/jforbush">@jforbush</a>) and <a href="/">Julie Gunther</a> (<a class="mention" href="/users/drg">@drg</a>) is a place to discuss getting your core technology setup. This is a good spot to discuss EMR's, Plan Administration, Remote Care, Care Coordination, In Office Dispense, Billing... technology.
Adding Partners Starting to reach capacity? Considering expanding your practice and adding partners, this category, moderated by <a href="">Dr Peter Lehmann</a> (<a class="mention" href="/users/drpeter">@drpeter</a>), is dedicated to this conversation.

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