Direct Care Essentials and Growth

Practice Models Pure vs Hybrid, Ancillary services vs straight primary care, micro/solo/corporate... trying to figure it out. This is a place to discuss the ins and outs of different models. Ask a question, or respond to a thread on this topic to further the conversation. Adding Partners Starting to reach capacity? Considering expanding your practice and adding partners, this category, moderated by <a href="">Dr Peter Lehmann</a> (<a class="mention" href="/users/drpeter">@drpeter</a>), is dedicated to this conversation. Marketing & Patient Experience This category, moderated by <a href="">Dr Neu</a> (<a class="mention" href="/users/neucare">@NeuCare</a>) is a place to collaborate on all things marketing in Direct Care. Post an article here with thoughts or if you have a burning question, post it here to start a discussion thread. Growth This category is a place to collaborate on ways to grow your practice. Post strategies that have worked for you or things you are considering implementing. Business Setting up a Direct Care business requires that you also setup a business... this category is a place to discuss all things related to setting up and running a business, including incorporation, business strategy, and operations. Technology The technology category, moderated by <a href="/users/jforbush/activity">Jack Forbush</a> (<a class="mention" href="/users/jforbush">@jforbush</a>) and <a href="/">Julie Gunther</a> (<a class="mention" href="/users/drg">@drg</a>) is a place to discuss getting your core technology setup. This is a good spot to discuss EMR's, Plan Administration, Remote Care, Care Coordination, In Office Dispense, Billing... technology.
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